The idea of ​​Balia SPA is based on a cosmopolitan text with folk and folklore. It is based on silent touch. Power known. Impact on the senses. Which we often forget. Political politics that we drown out.

Holistic approach to help you not only relieve yourself and relax, but also eliminate the pain and risk that accompanies you in life.


The offer is based on classic treatments, based on extremely valuable manual therapies. We intentionally select what is fashionable, choosing only what is effective to provide you with the highest level of service.



Original rituals inspired by the Subcarpathian nature



At Balia Spa, we offer massages and body and face treatments



A comprehensive offer for relaxation. Spend a relaxing day at the SPA or celebrate an important moment with friends

Try to stop…
let yourself to be touched...

We know that tensions, stress and discomfort cumulated in the body over the years can manifest themselves in various ways. We know this because it concerns us too. Through the power of touch, we want to reach their source, find their cause and try to eliminate them.

We believe in the power of touch, just like in the power of nature. Therefore, through a holistic view, we combine both of those aspects.

What makes us stand out?


Our team is not only great masseurs and physiotherapists. They are, above all, people with passion, idea and mission. They take your needs, suggestions and feedback seriously. For each of them, the moment you enter our SPA, you become the only and most important Guest. A holistic approach to your needs enriched with effective, natural products is a guarantee of full satisfaction. By putting yourself in the hands of our specialists, you can be sure of it. You speak, we listen.


We only use natural products of the highest quality. We combine the most effective manual therapies with the richness of nature. We draw from excellent quality Polish companies, although we do not hide our fascination with locality, the Bieszczady Mountains and what is best in the Subcarpathian nature.


Each of them is a combination of an intimate atmosphere with minimalism, enriched with natural and folk elements of the decor. In the center of each of them is what is most important to you - a comfortable, modern, heated bed. All our offices are places with a panoramic view of the city. When creating them, we were accompanied by the idea of providing each visitor with relaxation and full regeneration. A visit with us is supposed to be a moment for you.


We also put at your disposal our Relax Area with an amazing panorama of the entire city. This is the only such place where, from the rooftop perspective, you can be satisfied in complete relaxation and blissful oblivion while taking sauna sessions.


If you are a fan of active rest, we encourage you to check out our Fitness Zone - equipped with the latest generation equipment, it will allow you to clear your head through physical effort.