Facial treatments

TitleDescription60 min (PLN) 90 min (PLN)Intensity
Classic facial massageA massage that relaxes tension, stimulates muscles and cells to produce
collagen and elastin, enriched with elements of aromatherapy.
Kobido face massage
A non-invasive, fully natural lifting that reduces muscle tension in
the head and neck, tightens flabby skin with signs of aging, and
eliminates stress. The skin regains its elasticity and vitality, and
swelling is eliminated.
Balia SPA ceremonialA fully natural lifting based on kobido massage combined with a ceremony
consisting of 9 steps of care by Purite. Choice of: moisturizing and
nourishing, anti-redness or banquet.
Gua Sha stone massage
Gua Sha massage is a method of face care originally
coming from China. It soothes pain, stimulates lymph flow, and deeply
A deeply moisturizing treatmentA deeply moisturizing, regenerating and nourishing treatment. Its
strength is based on the healing power of touch combined with the gifts
of nature enclosed in 100% natural Purite products. It smoothes and
gives the skin elasticity.
Treatment for sensitive skinDedicated especially to people with couperose and very sensitive,
reactive skin. It will bring immediate relief to irritated skin and skin
with a tendency to redness and bursting capillaries. It will moisturize
and bring relief.
Banquet treatmentIntended for skin with lack of tension and loss of firmness. This 8-step
ritual is based on the synergy of a wide range of plant extracts, among
them the so-called plant botox. Gives an immediate lifting effect. The
skin becomes smooth, firm and illuminated.

Body treatments

TitleDescription45 min (PLN)60 min (PLN)90 min (PLN)Intensity
Relaxing massageIt relaxes the body and calms the mind.x210,00270,00Low
Sports massage
It gives quick pain relief and reduces muscle tension as well as increases the range of motion in the joints.
Deep tissue massage
Intensively relaxes and releases tension. Therapeutic
massage, reduces pain symptoms.
Lymphatic massage – partialStimulates the metabolism and supports detoxification.290,00xxMedium
Aromatic candle massageNourishes, relaxes, brings relief to tense muscles. Soothes the senses
with its aromatic scent and calming candle flame.
Massage with herbal stamps
It allows for deep relaxation even in situations of strong stress. It supports the treatment of anxiety or sleep problems. By improving metabolism and blood circulation in the skin, it also supports weightloss.
Hot stone massageIt has a therapeutic effect and at the same time helps with relaxation
and regeneration. Its action comes down to relieving muscle pains and
those related to nervous tension.
Classic massageIt improves tissue oxygenation, relaxes, increases flexibility and
Partial massageMassage of a selected part of the body – relaxes and brings relief.180,00xxMedium
Full body peelingIt deeply cleanses, exfoliates dead skin and prepares the skin for
further care and, for example, sunbathing.


Extras to the treatment (up to 15 min)

TitlePrice (PLN)
Body scrub60
Face scrub60
Head massage50
Foot massage50
 Hand massage50

Bath (30 min)

TitlePrice (PLN)
Herbal meadow130
Herbal forest130

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