Original Ritual:
„Połonina in the Morning”

We recommend it for people who need inner strength, power and energy that can be drawn from nature in this magical moment at sunrise, when night gives way to day. The ritual helps to regain vitality and provide the skin with the most valuable active ingredients. It combines a real ceremonial consisting of 9 steps of a personalized face treatment by Purite with a kobido massage, as well as peeling and a full body massage. This unique ritual also provides extraordinary aromatic sensations - it stimulates, refreshes and adds energy. (body peeling + body massage​ + moisturizing, anti-redness or banquet facial treatment + Kobido face massage + awakening cocktail)

Original Ritual:
„Church Tale”

Recommended for people who want to de-stress, calm down, feel relaxed, and want to find balance. This extraordinary ritual combines a facial and body treatment: the scrub cleanses and smooths, preparing the body for the powerful hydration coming from the massage that removes toxins and excess water from the body. Combined with a facial massage, it restores harmony and well-being. (body scrub + body butter massage + facial treatment + facial massage + cocktail)

Original Ritual:
„Galician Meadow”

Recommended for people who want to de-stress, relax and completely reset. The extraordinary ritual releases tension from every part of the body. The peeling stimulates the nervous system and exfoliates dead skin cells. Carefully selected essential oils bring you into a state of extraordinary relaxation. During a relaxing facial massage combined with a ceremony consisting of 9 steps of the facial treatment by Purite, a revitalizing mask is applied to the feet and hands. A glass of wine is served with the ritual. (body peeling + body oil massage + face massage + face treatment mask for hands and feet + glass of wine)

Author's Ritual:
"Strength from Bieszczady"

Mainly for men, but also for determined women who need instant regeneration and an injection of vitality. This​ intense ritual is based on deep tissue therapy to relax and release tension - peeling will exfoliate and cleanse the skin, and a relaxing massage will regenerate and add vitality. The whole thing is crowned with a glass of dry whiskey. (body peeling + body massage + glass of whiskey)

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